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helpless 基本解释


形容词无助的; 无能的; 无用的; 六亲无靠

helpless 反义词


helpless 相关例句


1. The rain is coming into my house and I am helpless.

2. Sam raised his arms in a helpless gesture.

3. He was helpless to resist the temptation.

4. All their efforts seemed helpless.

helpless 网络解释


1. 无助感:这一切使不少人对民主政治产生了无力感 (powerless)、无助感 (helpless)、疏离感 (alienation). 这些增加了人们的烦恼,而没有提高他们的生活品质.

2. 无助的,没用的:helpful 助人的,有益的 | helpless 无助的,没用的 | honest 诚实的

3. 无助的:observance#遵守 | helpless#无助的 | useless#无效的

helpless 双语例句

1. Helpless, flower familiar to return, small yan wandering alone incen


2. Have too many helpless, is still self-abandonment, thoroughly the heart die.

3. Don't be a hero and use a knife when attacking somebody in the back, he might just turn around and you will be helpless (unless he's awful of course).

4. His work depicts the helpless waiting of fishermen, waiting to make a living from their customers, waiting for the sake of their young children. The predominant color is a gray-blue.


5. I was asked, why should write a diary in English, Smiling, in fact, it is entirely due to a friend-not masked I was helpless in the time given to me to help.


6. I feel so grieved, and I feel so helpless as I can not do anything to help


7. In our knowledge of Chinese contemporary and modern history, there are still many fields remaining untouched, whose mystery and abstrusity make us feel confused and helpless, just like when we face heaven and ocean. This knowledge can not even be comparable to our understanding of ancient history.


8. Remember that it is the kind of pain, a person in the delivery room, we can not help feeling helpless.


9. Therefore, he sometimes ecstatic, sometimes Rusangkaobi, most of the time were helpless depressed, overwhelmed.

10. And hundreds of millions of people live in poverty so helpless as to render them incapable of taking effective action to improve their own condition.

11. If you turn over a turtle on its back, it will become helpless.

12. If you turn over a turtle on its back, it becomes helpless.

13. However, flowers and grass that different approaches to the difference between life, and that the temporal and spatial distance of regret, that youth is no longer the helpless and sad, is still suffering from time to time with the toughness of thin grass shoulders, and restrain bursts of grief about his pain and hovering between the network and reality.

14. We give the hopeless, the helpless and the suicidally inclined a listener when they need one so that

15. My really good helpless, I did not want again like this to get down, I live good tired good was tired..

16. Sadly, I have a good, Good helpless I, Well I love you.

17. I really good after missing helpless.

18. These days I really good no use to, good helpless, I did not know how should be good, other good friends all already found one to belong to own concurrent job, but I only can stay actually at home. Wants to flee this world, really does not want to stay in here, I dislike here.

19. Children in famine, victims tortured by oppressors, helpless old people a hated burden to their sons, and the whole world of loneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be.

20. Today is my birthday, a little lonely and helpless, but I dobelieve what my mom said: my beautiful daughter, trust me, thatthere certainly is a man who love you is waiting for you not faraway

helpless 词典解释helpless是什么意思

1. 无助的;无力量的;无能力的;不由自主的
If you are helpless, you do not have the strength or power to do anything useful or to control or protect yourself.

e.g. Parents often feel helpless, knowing that all the cuddles in the world won't stop the tears...
e.g. Children are dying, and I am helpless to do anything...

Their son watched helplessly as they vanished beneath the waves.
I remember my feelings of helplessness.
helpless 单语例句

1. In fact, firefighting squads are pretty much helpless if the top part of a skyscraper catches fire.

2. But they are not doctors and were helpless when hospital staff gave their mother the cold shoulder.

3. The continual harassment of junk information infringes on people's legal rights and makes people feel helpless.

4. helpless的解释

4. Current regulations take the rigid way of copyright protection, restricting lawful business but remain helpless in the face of purposeful and naked piracy.

5. Yang is unlike many Chinese youths who often tend to become cynical, feisty and helpless because of social inequality and the income gap.

6. Even an emperor was sometimes helpless, seeing his dynasty decay without being able to do anything about it.

7. helpless在线翻译

7. Wade turned to his bench after the shot and gave a dejected, helpless look.

8. helpless的反义词

8. Imagine caring for sick, helpless and dependent people who despise you.

9. Pang said he hoped a longer sentence would have a deterrent effect on other parents, as a safeguard for helpless children.

10. Helpless and alone in a country he barely knows, he must submit himself to the fanatic's every wish or face the consequences.

helpless 英英释义



1. unable to manage independently

e.g. as helpless as a baby

2. unable to function
without help

Synonym: lost


3. lacking in or deprived of strength or power

e.g. lying ill and helpless
helpless with laughter

Synonym: incapacitated

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